Coffee Master Masahiro Kanno Shares the Aesthetic of the Coffee 3.0

doutor coffee masterclass BIG - Coffee Master Masahiro Kanno Shares the Aesthetic of the Coffee 3.0

With the continuation of the coffee hype, especially when the third wave of coffee hits, coffee is not just a simple cup of beverage anymore. The secret and exquisite brewing skills behind it combine to become an essence of knowledge and a demonstration for art. What is the meaning behind the third wave of coffee? This time, KingsSleeve interviewed the Japan coffee master Masahiro Kanno to have an in-depth understanding on the aesthetic wants and refine details of the third wave of coffee.

coffee bean - Coffee Master Masahiro Kanno Shares the Aesthetic of the Coffee 3.0

Understanding the Third Wave of Coffee 3.0

The Third Wave of Coffee 3.0, also being known as “Artisanal Coffee” or handcrafted coffee, highly devotes to the quality and originality of coffee. The first wave of coffee is the instant coffee, which is the time era for 3-in-1 coffee. Later, from the period of year 1940 to 1960, the second wave of the coffee is the appearance of coffee shop chains such as Starbucks. Coffee shops use Arabica coffee beans to make different types of coffee beverages such as Latte.

From year 2002 onwards, there are more and more coffee lovers and baristas who chase for the finer quality of coffee. Derived from the coffee culture, the art of tasting a good coffee begins from understanding the plantation, selection and quality of coffee bean, to the method and skills of roasting coffee bean, in which all steps are crucial in bringing out the real aroma of coffee. The chase and demand for a pure coffee with quality is the key point of the third wave of coffee 3.0.

Coffee has a light fruity taste and floral aroma naturally. Therefore, the third wave of coffee emphasizes on the use of light coffee roast to extract the true taste of coffee bean. The popular specialty coffee and handcrafted coffee are the examples in the third wave of coffee. Besides, this is also the coffee culture which is being insisted on and recommended by numbers of specialty coffee houses.

Masahiro Kanno Speaks About the Taste of Coffee

Coffee master Masahiro Kanno was already in love with coffee since his younger time. He learned the coffee making process on his own. As there were no related courses in Japan at that time, he could only look for information in the library apart from reading and trying a lot in the learning process. During his teaching in later times, he is also learning actively and continuously improving himself. He is only capable of achieving the status of master today with all these efforts.

In 2016, he is being appointed as the director of the renowned coffee company, Doutor Nichires. His purpose for his visitation to Malaysia this time is to introduce specialty coffee and also the first Doutor café in Malaysia. In addition, Masahiro Kanno is also the vice president of the Japan Specialty Coffee Association (SCAJ). He used to be one of the international judges of the most prestigious competition for high quality coffees, Cup of Excellence.

doutor coffee masahiro kanno 2 - Coffee Master Masahiro Kanno Shares the Aesthetic of the Coffee 3.0

While demonstrating the coffee-making process, Masahiro Kanno highlights the accuracy and delicacy of every single step from selecting, roasting and brewing coffee bean. He allows no mistake to be made, as even the slightest mistake will spoil the original aroma of coffee. The water and temperature are some of the essential factors. He said: “Coffee is very sensitive, especially when the roasting process is important in deciding the taste of the coffee. It can be one of the most crucial factors to make a good coffee.”

When tasting the coffee, he suggests to first smell the coffee, followed by sipping it rapidly to accurately identify the texture and aroma of it. Between Single Origin and Blends coffee, he enjoys the fruity taste of Single Origin coffee that gives a fragrant and layers with a light touch of sweet, sour and bitter to the taste buds. Meanwhile, Blends coffee which is bitterer with a thicker hue, suits more the taste of the public. Every coffee lover has their own preference. Therefore, he hopes Malaysians enjoy their favorite specialty coffees in Doutor Coffee café. 

Doutor Coffee’s branches are going to open in the following locations:

23 November: Aeon Tebrau, Johor Bahru

8 December: Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur

15 December: Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Selangor

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