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Desmond Tey – His Pursuit Towards Life Attitude

After whole section of the interview, can truly feel that Desmond Tey is a person that love to “pursuit” something, his “chase” is different from others, he pursued the hidden meaning of things and people, his pursuit of life able to make him fully nourished; he pursued a breakthrough, but did not race with others, but at an easygoing and steady pace towards the set destination.

Transformation, from uneasy to calm

He was a student of the mass media course. Desmond started as a behind-the-scenes worker, from news broadcasters, news anchors, television producers, to programme hosts, many attempts and transformations completely changed his way of doing things and impatient personality. He said with a smile: “I used to be a very hot tempered and anxious person, but now if encounter problems will become calmer, not to tangle the issues but learn to calm down, slow down, and think of a way to solve the problem, the so-called boat to the bridgehead will naturally straight!”

As a perfectionism, he always has the idea of “why I able to do, but you cannot deliver it?” He is quite demanding towards own self and others, due to years of training in the field of news, making him extremely high demand and expectation every time in front of the camera. “There is only one chance to broadcast the news, and there is no second remedy for any fault, so it will be more serious and tough.” But now he is in multi-position, and also an important figure behind and in front the scenes, let him to be more delicate in problem solving. There will be more thinking at the person’s perspective which makes his thinking, management and treatment towards people and at work more mature and thoughtful.

kingssleeve ntv7 8tv producer Desmond tey interview - Desmond Tey - His Pursuit Towards Life Attitude

A New Journey, for inheritance

Talk about programme production, Desmond aims to create meaningful television programmes, through the fun of the programme content let audience to understand the culture and look at the world. “A New Journey” programme is one of Desmond’s iconic works, produced and presided over by him, is one of the few Chinese programmes that introduce the Malaysian Chinese native culture, with extraordinary heritage significance. And the programme has now come to the sixth season, talking about the initial objective of “A New Journey” production, Desmond shared: “had wanted to make” A New Journey “in mind in fact come from a question, ‘Malaysian Chinese are from where’; the Chinese culture of Malaysia is very special and diverse, and some English educated students only know that they are Chinese, but do not know their own culture, so would like to let more young people understand the story of ancestors.”

He continued: “I find a lot of information for this programme, and also understand a lot through it, from which also found that many of the ethnic organization organized each year’s large-scale festival is based on the previous generation written information to carry out which is blindly follow, but do not understand the meaning behind.  On the contrary, it is us who provide relevant information and explain to them the reasons for each of the customs have a sense behind. We will understand the minds of our ancestors from a lot of small details which reflect their life culture, thought and wisdom.”

Desmond likes to understand and explore the story behind each culture and meaning, the same spirit is also used in the production of tourism programmes. “I hope that through the shooting of tourism programmes, not just to introduce the beauty of a country, more importantly is to understand the story behind it and the forgotten history, because of the past, then evolved into the beauty you see today. For example, in London, the problem of air pollution in the 1950s to the 1960s was so severe that thousands of people died, and then they began to carry out a lot of environmental activities, so in our travel program we focused on the understanding of the British environmental awareness and how they do environmental protection, hoping to bring this content to the Malaysian audience, let everyone learn together.”

Life, to enrich the experience

Desmond is appropriate to be described as “dynamic and static”, he loves to read, but also love outdoor sports, very positive and aggressive, and also saw “life-long learning” learning attitude in him. He overcame the obstacles of water phobia by learn to dive, because he knew the fear need to face and solve by own; and in order to make own self more steady, he often running and participate in the marathon, in the process, he understood no matter how long is the journey, how far is the ending, with fast or slow pace forward will arrive at the destination, so he is more enjoy the process of running and the satisfaction after the completion.

He realized that happily enjoy life is the most comfortable, and life cannot be stagnant, must constantly enrich and enhance to live meaningful, so he is also keep learning in his free time, such as enrollment of management courses, interpersonal development courses and red wine courses, etc., his life seems to really cannot stop. He said with certainty: “There is one thing that very sure, I will continue to host, because I enjoy the work of conveying the message, I also to set other own goals and pursuit of them, in addition to continue to travel around, I also plan to write a book.”

Although success does not have a certain definition and standard, but using Desmond’s words – “there are forces to support what I want to complete, there are motivations and goals, that is the successful life,” I think this what is everyone can achieve, nothing is better than to nourish own self and vigorously pursue own life to be more exciting and happy!

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