kingssleeve ntv7 actor KYO interview - Kyo Chen-Ten Years of Refining, Seeing Light through the Storm!

Kyo Chen-Ten Years of Refining, Seeing Light through the Storm!

28-year-old Kyo looks restrained and steady at the appearance, the inner emotions are like waves, occasionally surging, and occasionally unhappily hit the beach. 10 years of honing in the entertainment industry, gone through different challenges to test his determination, coupled with years of anti-cancer mother’s death, make that sensitive heart defeated again. In order to adhere to own dream and fulfil promise with mother, the long-awaited director dream finally blossom with results in last year, completed his first own personally directed micro-film as an actor of 10 years!

Challenges can develop strong heart!

In 2011, Kyo played a short film called “Light”, played an autism, and in that time after the work was somewhere traction him to practice his dream – the first self-directed micro-film “Journey To Guang”, is also a film to commemorate his mother! “Journey” story is about Kyo and mother are looking forward to his starred “light” movie version to release, but the mother was unable to fight the disease and died in the process. The real content of the micro-film (accompanied by the mother’s anti-cancer days) every word every sentence is touching, and all that are from Kyo’s pain in heart and real feelings.

In the entertainment industry for ten years, Kyo has been looking for own positioning and inner sense of belonging, there are about eight years he was called as “low tide”, also had to sell fried chicken at the roadside, then thought of to do business or stay in the entertainment industry. The day of ups and downs has repeatedly hit him; he also suffered from mental illness. Now already as a lead actor he share: ” I have been in the supporting role after debut for so many years, feeling main actor is far away from myself, self-confidence gradually defeated, but also suffering from panic, anxiety and depression. It is a kind of environmental oppression caused by anxiety, long accumulated psychological disease, so I need to take medication to control the low mood, but now has improved a lot, I slowly learn to overcome and appease my feelings.”

Although there are too many tests and lost, but Kyo did not give up, he has always has the director dream, he loves to share his written script with his mother. In those disorderly day, he kept praying, revitalize his confidence, hoping to get guidance, but fortunately the hardship pays off, at that time he met a short film – “light”, tried a different role and the script let him fully extended his potential, but also deeply let him feel that he love acting, it is also acting that make him regain the adherence to the performing arts.

For him, the performing’s hardship is to develop the presently self, feel the test over the years is actually for this moment, he met the right time and a well prepared self, and produced his own work, so that the audience saw the different Kyo. He is not just an actor and the protagonist, but a real, has emotion, enthusiastic with life experience, dreamer with story!

kingssleeve ntv7 actor KYO profile - Kyo Chen-Ten Years of Refining, Seeing Light through the Storm!

Q&A with Kyo

Q: What are the greatest impact and growth bring to you after so many years of tempering?

A: I do not think I have any great achievements or fame in the entertainment world, but these years I have a lot of people care for me, and support me to choose to do my favourite things.

Q: What do you think is the most difficult thing in acting?

A: I think acting is not difficult, the difficulty is to operate interpersonal relationships, a drama can be run smooth, is cohesion of energy of the team, so for me, to get along with the people around is more important, it is also harder, haha!

Q: Are you satisfied with your present achievements?

A: I am not satisfied with myself at the moment, always feel something less, when the actors and artists cannot meet their own achievements and self-confidence, I think because I hope to be more able to make own work. As a director made me feel very solid, so in future I will work toward the direction of a “director”.

Q: What is the biggest regret of your life?

A: My mother cannot see the short film that I directed. After she died, I seemed to lose my way, but her departure seemed to remind me that I need to keep going, even if do not have her companion, I would have to move on.

kingssleeve ntv7 actor KYO in depth interview - Kyo Chen-Ten Years of Refining, Seeing Light through the Storm!

Q: What is your expectation on marriage after proposed to your girlfriend last year?

A: I expect the wedding is in October this year, I think after marriage I should be more caring for families, after have child may also become more stable and steady.

Q: For you, when is the golden age of men?

A: 30 to 50 years old, able to do own favourite things and at the same time can also create and affect other people.

Q: What do you want to do next and want to challenge?

A: Now I have my own production company, and then will be toward the direction of producer and director in development of film production. Hope through own works can use the vitality of stories touch the heart of the audience.

kingssleeve ntv7 actor KYO Bio - Kyo Chen-Ten Years of Refining, Seeing Light through the Storm!

Short Film《Journey To Guang》

Text & Interview:Irene Lau

Photograph: Tony Wong

Grooming:Zoeys Chen

Wardrode: H&M

Venue:Lorem Ipsum 

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