evan spiegel quotes - 28岁百万富翁 Evan Spiegel 的8句激励名言!

28岁百万富翁 Evan Spiegel 的8句激励名言!

事业有成不一定与年龄有关;2017 Forbes 400 list 史上最年轻的上榜者,Snapchat 创办人 Evan Spiegel 年仅28岁,却有着值得学习的过人睿智。

2011年,还在史丹佛大学就读的Evan Spiegel 就和Bobby Murphy 与 Reggie Brown联合创办 Snapchat 应用程式。充满趣味性的 Snapchat 改变了人们发送照片和视频的方式,普推出就赢得年轻人的喜好,并获得社交媒体巨头 Facebook 和 Instagram 的青睐。这让年纪轻轻的 Evan Spiegel 成为了现代最成功的年轻企业家,当然我们也能从他身上学到许多。以下是来自 Evan Spiegel 的8句名言:


“I think everyone is born creative but it can be suppressed by fear.” 我认为每个人都拥有与生俱来的创造力,但它却会被恐惧抑制。


“It’s not about working harder, it’s about working the system.” 最重要的不是埋头苦干,而是拥有正确的工作系统。


“We’re just going to keep executing on what we believe.” 我们必须根据信念而行动。


“I’d like to create a space for people who have a lot of talent but not a lot of reach.” 我想为那些拥有才能却无处发挥的人们创造一个空间。


“In times of despair, you may believe the cynic who tells you that one person cannot make difference — and there are times it may be hard to see your own impact. I beg you to remember that it is not possible at this time or any time to know the end results of our efforts.” 在绝望的时候,你可能会相信那些愤世嫉俗的人们告诉你无法做出任何改变;有时候你也难以看见自己的影响力。我恳请你记住,无论是当下或任何时候,我们都不可能知道自己的付出究竟会得到什么结果。


“Conforming happens so naturally that we can forget how powerful it is; we want to be accepted by our peers; we want to be a part of the group. It’s in our biology. But the things that make us human are those times we listen to the whispers of our soul and allow ourselves to be pulled in another direction.” 顺应总是太过自然,以至于我们会忘记它有多么强力;我们希望被同行接受、我们想成为小组的一员,这是与身俱来的。但是那些让我们成为人类的东西是我们聆听的灵魂低语,并让自己往其他方向前进。


“Don’t feel bad if you sell out. Just don’t stop there. Find something you aren’t willing to sell.” 不要为出卖了什么而难过,最重要的是别停在原地。你必须找到绝不愿意出卖的东西。


“Be thoughtful and mindful about the things you say to other people.” 对别人说的话必须深思熟虑。

snapchat ceo evan spiegel - 28岁百万富翁 Evan Spiegel 的8句激励名言!

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