Mark Odea Tudor Feature - The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea

The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea

Mark O’Dea was born in London, England. At the age of 21, he ventured to Malaysia to debut in the Malaysian boyband “The London Boys”. Over time, he has also worked as a YouTuber, TV show host, and even played a part in the Malaysian film “Rise: Ini Kalilah”. Having settled in Malaysia for 4 years, Mark’s love for the land does not lose out to that of any Malaysian’s. To him, we just have this one life, and we must embrace it by embracing the people, things, and events that we love with joy.

Mark Odea x Tudor - The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea
Mark O’dea wears Tudor Black Bay Chrono (in leather Strap)

Q: Why do you love Malaysia?

There are so many reasons to like Malaysia! I remember first coming to Malaysia and being attracted by the multiculturalism here. It’s like a melting pot of culture, bringing together a variety of cultural characteristics, yet allowing them to coexist harmoniously. For an Englishman like me born and bred in London, it is definitely an eye-opener.

Tudor Chronometer - The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea

Q: What have you learned from living in Malaysia?

Londoners have a lot of stress in their lives, making their personalities tougher and more susceptible to irony. But here, I found that Malaysians are particularly cheerful and optimistic towards things that happen around them. They can smile and face life no matter what problems they encounter. This positive attitude helps me learn that we should live in the present, seize the day, and maintain a happy attitude in order to truly enjoy life.

Q: How did it feel to act in the Malaysian movie “Rise: Ini Kalilah” for the first time?

For me, acting for the first time was like first arriving in Malaysia, everything had to be explored and tried. The film “Rise: Ini Kalilah” is about the various events that took place leading up to the May 9 election, until finally the unity, courage, and hope of the people lead them to victory. To personally witness all this happen, whether inside or outside the film, even a foreigner like me feels honoured.

1000 Mark Odea x Tudor - The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea

Q: In addition to sports, what kinds of programs do you most want to host?

I have always been interested in sports programs, so I joined the TV station to host sports programs. However, I have a soft spot for history and spiritual programs, and hope to have a chance at hosting them in the future.

Tudor Chornograph - The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea


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