Eddie Chan: Dreams and Setbacks

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In life, there’s always the reality of defeat when one dreams of winning  as there are always challenges to overcome. One can say that of Eddie Chan’s challenges in his 14-year career as a dancer.

But he persevered and opened a dance academy that was later closed due to disagreements with his team. He then moved to Kuala Lumpur to try his hand at another business opportunity but once again faced many challenges as well. To survive in the big city, he has worked in various industries, from waiting tables to being a street vendor to working at the funeral parlour. It has been a bittersweet experience as he seeks to achieve his dreams.

Eddie is a dancer by trade, but he is also a DJ who is full of musical ideas and is always on the lookout for suitable dance music. For him, music and dance are the two things that he wants to spend his life doing. It is his spiritual food and his pillar of life.

kingssleeve cover eddie Team EL Malaysia profile 1 - Eddie Chan: Dreams and Setbacks
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Q:What is the lowest point in your life so far?

There was a month where I had to live with less than a thousand ringgit in my pocket. There was not enough money for rent and I have spent the last two years sleeping on my friend’s couch. Every meal was just a simple meal. Life was pretty difficult then. Finally, I got a chance to dance in Macau and I spent a year living there. Somehow, I survived that period of time and my life slowly improved. I returned to Malaysia to study and set up Team E.L. That small success was the turning point in my life.

Q:How do you make yourself stand out in your field?

I think that we should all stick to our own ideas because music is very subjective as everyone has difference preferences in music. As a DJ, we must drive the atmosphere so that we can try to meet everyone’s musical preferences while retaining our own style. It’s a big challenge to do that, but if you can do it well, you can prove that you are good. 

Q:What is the biggest challenge in your life?

Sustaining daily living and persevering to achieve my dreams at the same time because of income instability. It’s difficult sometimes and often times it’s a struggle. But music and dance give me a sense of spiritual satisfaction that no amount of money can replace. Money is, of course, important but I don’t want to pursue it blindly.

Q:What do you think is the characteristic of a successful man?

Someone who has willpower and does not give up easily.

Q:What is your definition of success?

Firstly, someone who can do their favourite things and still be recognised, that is the symbol of success. Secondly, someone who can take charge of their daily lives and yet be able to contribute to society and have the influence to inspire others to do the same, that is the definition of success.

Q:Share your life’s motto.

“Why start something if you want to give up now.” This is the sentence that has been driving me forward.

Q:How do you improve yourself?

Learn from other people. We may not have as much experience as others but we can learn from their experiences and be inspired by them.

Q:How do you maintain a healthy body?

I try to stick to a strict regime. I go to the gym every week to work out and will try to stay away from oily and fried food as much as possible.

Q:What is the greatest satisfaction in your life?

I am surrounded by many positive, happy and optimistic people. There are many people with ideals and aspirations, and by surrounding ourselves with positive energy, we can make each other happy. I think this is the greatest satisfaction in life.

kingssleeve cover eddie Team EL Malaysia profile - Eddie Chan: Dreams and Setbacks
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eddie - Eddie Chan: Dreams and Setbacks

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