Vincent Wong’s Biggest Challenge in Life: To Better Himself

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At only 24, Vincent Wong Wen Son won the coveted gold medal at the 9th Asian Wushu Championship in the Men’s Swords category, and though it is an amazing accomplishment for someone so young, Wong remains humble towards his success.

Vincent Wong’s father is a lion dancer, and so apart from practicing Wushu, Wong has also picked up lion dancing from his father and performs during Chinese New Year with a team of dancers, going from house to house to convey the New Year blessings. He honed his Wushu skills through his passion for martial arts since young.

But, during his years of practicing Wushu, Wong did not neglect his studies and went on to further his educatioin after high school. He expressed his gratitude of having been brought up in a happy family where his parents did not pressure when it comes to studying, but instead giving him the freedom to choose what he wanted to do. Throughout the interview, his upbeat and cheerful personality is infectious, very much like a grown-up child who is easily pleased.


kingssleeve cover martial art vincent profile 2 - Vincent Wong’s Biggest Challenge in Life: To Better Himself
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Q : What fuelled your interest in swordsmanship?
I’ve always had an interest in martial arts movies, and I love watching swordsmanship actions in the scenes. When I was 10, my father took  me to Wushu classes and it was then that I discovered my potential in martial arts.

Q : Can you share with us your ultimate goal and dream?
I wish to be someone who can instill pride in others, and to deliver Wushu in the best light. For me, Wushu is not just a form of sports, but also a discipline to hone my personality. I also hope that I can continue to achieve great results in future competitions.

Q : During your practice, what sort of challenges do you face?
Injuries are every athlete’s worst fears. Once injured, there is the possibility that we might not be able to attend practice sessions, and this would greatly hinder the training process and will stop us from participating in competitions for an indefinite period of time. Fortunately, I have not experienced such aggravated injuries to dampen my love for Wushu.

Q : After every competition, how would you choose to push your limits and challenge yourself?
I don’t let myself become complacent, but will instead continue to drive myself to be even better.

Q : How do you feel about winning the gold medal in the championship? Has such an honor changed you in any way?
Before this, I had always lacked confidence, and I was worried that my life as a sportsman would come to a dead end with no significant results, so having won this gold medal, it has inspired me and I’ve forgotten the bitter complaints I’ve made in the past. Right now, I will continue to improve my skills so that I can face each competition with more confidence.

Q : What is real victory for you?
For me, every ounce of effort I’ve put that’s equivalent to victory, because this is how we will come to cherish what we have accomplished.

Q : What is your secret to victory?
Hard work hard and perseverence in all circumstances, without ever growing complacent, and self-discipline.

Q : Do you have any regrets in life?
For all the decisions I’ve made, I don’t regret nor lament about them.

Q : What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like playing badminton, and when I was younger it was soccer, but I haven’t done that in a while. During my spare time, I like to stroll around the mall or I’d go for a movie with friends. Most of the time, I’d stay at home and read.

Q : Do you have anything else you’d like to try in the future?
I’d like to star in an advertisement (laughs); I would also like to try out some extreme sports, like bungee jumping…(serious) I think my biggest challenge remains as improving myself and constantly going beyond my limits.

kingssleeve cover martial art vincent profile - Vincent Wong’s Biggest Challenge in Life: To Better Himself
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