Loewe’s New 001 Fragrance

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Loewe’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, is always thinking about new surprises for the fans of the brand. It is no surprise then, that he had, once again, come up with a perfume that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Ever since Jonathan Anderson took over the job of Creative Director of Loewe, he has been persistent in his efforts to dazzle the fans with new and innovative products. The release of the new Loewe 001 fragrance series is a testament to that effort. The fragrance series promises a fresh sensory experience with a spirit of contemporary taste.

The new perfume series came with a fragrance for the women and the men each. The main interpretation of the two perfumes is the lingering feeling of innocence and commitment to show the naked emotions of both the woman and the man. The woman’s fragrance has orange and bergamot at the top notes, with sandalwood for the tone, and jasmine and vanilla as the keynote. The top notes for the men’s perfume are similar to those of the woman’s fragrance, but the tone is more masculine with cedar and musk.

Jonathan decided to go the minimalist route for the bottle, with just a slender bottle and a wooden cap, much like Jonathan’s 70s architectural style.

“It took a lot of time and effort, but they’re all the beliefs and hopes that I have for this fragrance,” Jonathan Anderson said.

UVE MAN 50ML  - Loewe’s New 001 Fragrance
Loewe 001 Man EDP
UVE WOMAN 50ML - Loewe’s New 001 Fragrance
Loewe 001 Woman EDP

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