[Interview] Alan Walker: The 19-year-old Genius of EDM

kingssleeve Alan Walker heineken liveyourmusic - [Interview] Alan Walker: The 19-year-old Genius of EDM

The recent popular EDM ‘Faded’ has practically become Alan Walker’s middle name, with the song reaching an astounding 8 billion views on Youtube. The young DJ has taken part in Heineken’s Live Your Music Presents: The Takeover featuring Alan Walker ” Malaysian tour, performing his EDM pieces in Penang, Johor and Kuala Lumpur for the duration of 3 consecutive days!

The music tour is a big part of 19-year-old Alan Walker’s life. The DJ, frequently shrouded in a black hoodie and black face mask, maintains a modicum of mystery, yet expresses his undying passion through his trance-like music. He has named himself DJ Walkzz previously, and is great at graphic designs and programming. In the year 2012, Alan Walker learns music production through Youtube and has shared his self-made music on online platforms. It was unexpected that through Youtube and Spotify, Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’, featuring Iselin Solheim, propelled him into international stardom in the EDM industry. Other songs in the boy’s repartee include ‘Sing Me To Sleep’, ‘Spectre’, and ‘Alone’. He wishes to express his passion for music for this Malaysian tour.

kingssleeve Alan Walker heineken liveyourmusic interview - [Interview] Alan Walker: The 19-year-old Genius of EDM

KingsSleeve’s Interview with Alan Walker:

Q: Do you like playing musical instruments as well as having a distinct preference in music?

A: I took up piano when I was younger, and took up the guitar as well, but I’m not particularly devoted to those; a couple of years ago I was fascinated with EDM production and tried my best to diversify it. I’ve also learned to love the piano. (Have you tried singing then?) Haha, no, that’s not my forte.

Q: What is music to you?

A: It plays an important part in my life, and it drives me to accomplish more; music has different effects on everyone and it carries a lot of emotions and memories.

Q: Do you have any plans to release new albums?

A: I haven’t thought of that yet, but there is the possibility of that in the future as there are other details which need to be taken into consideration.

Q: Who is your inspiration in the music industry?

A: K-391, and I particularly admire those who could produce music for movies and video games such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I like outdoor activities, such as soccer or skateboarding.

Q: From where would you get a sense of accomplishment?

A: The excitement of looking forward to the fans’ response, because it’s like a challenge to me. I have never expected ‘Faded’ to be a favorite and I’m really thankful for the support.

kingssleeve Alan Walker heineken liveyourmusic fade - [Interview] Alan Walker: The 19-year-old Genius of EDM

Heineken Live Your Music Presents: The Takeover is the brand’s world campaign to advocate the passion for music, and allowing music to be brought into everyday life. Alan Walker’s tour is part of the campaign’s many activities in relation to this movement. There is also the ultimate prize to be won as the brand would select two lucky persons to attend the music gala in the United States, all expenses paid for by Heineken. For more information, please log on to Heineken’s official site and Facebook page.

Live Your Music Presents: The Takeover featuring Alan Walker ” Tour

14/12:Penang V.A.C

15/12:Johor Bahru Triple X Club

16/12:Zouk Club KL

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