LG PJ9 Floating Speaker Impressed Everyone’s Hearing and Vision

LG Levitating Portable Speaker - LG PJ9 Floating Speaker Impressed Everyone’s Hearing and Vision

The annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event was held last week in Las Vegas. In the event, LG Electronics demonstrated varieties of interesting products which are advancing the technology of the era and marching forward in the electronic industry.

Among them, PJ9 floating speaker is one of the most interesting products which successfully caught the attention of media. Its uniqueness is the cool floating design, of which the powerful electromagnet which housed in the Levitation Station makes the speaker floating in the air.

Full marks are given to its attractive appearance. How about the audio quality? It is a 360 degrees omnidirectional speaker with turbine blade-inspired design and Dual Passive Radiator technology to produce flush mid-range tones and crisp highs. Together with the deep bass of the subwoofer embedded inside the Levitation Station, this speaker is bringing you a high quality hearing experience.

The floating part of PJ9 is water and dust-repellent. It can play music continuously for 19 hours. Therefore, it can be used conveniently outdoor. When it plays music on the Levitation Station, the speaker will automatically descends to the station and start charging without affecting the music. The entire charging process will not interrupt the enjoyment for good quality music as it goes on without disturbing the user. With uninterrupted good music, this speaker indulges you in wonderful continuous music.

LG Levitating Portable Speaker Lifestyle - LG PJ9 Floating Speaker Impressed Everyone’s Hearing and Vision

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