Gordon Lam’s Moment of Glory: A Milestone in 30 Years

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From TV dramas to the big screen, Gordon Lam has shown his fellow actors and the audience the change he’s been through in his 30 years in the entertainment industry.

Though having invested much effort and thought into his career, Gordon Lam did not have a breakthrough role in the competitive acting industry until his role in last year’s movie, Trivisa, which marked his moment of glory as he claims his title for Best Male Actor in the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

Gordon Lam’s efforts in his 30 years of acting have been embedded into every TV drama series and movie, showing his maturity with every project he takes on. It’s been fortunate that we are able to have a casual interview with Gordon over the telephone to find out what he thinks about being awarded as the Best Male Actor.

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Interview with Gordon Lam:

Q: How do you feel as the Best Male Actor?

A: It’s still all so sudden for me, because I never thought I would be the one to receive the award for Best Male Actor, but it’s an exhilarating feeling to be acknowledged for my acting skills.

Q: What’s the hardest part about acting?

A: Every new role is a new challenge, so it’s very important to grasp the essence of the character and it’s also the hardest part to personify the character.

Q: What keeps you going?

A: The idea of being able to experience simulations of a variety of lifestyles through acting, and allowing myself to understand the stories which are so different from my own, are what keep me going in this industry.

Q: Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished so far?

A: I wish I could do better, to try out more roles which are varying in character and at the same time experience life more.

Q: What other breakthroughs do you wish to accomplish in your career?

A: I wish I could direct and project my ideas and opinions to the audience.

Q: What do you think is the secret to success?

A: Hard work stands for most of the credit of success. It’s essential to constantly observe the things going on around you, and always keep an open mind when it comes to learning new things. Those are the secrets to success.

Q: When will the windows of opportunity open up for men?

A: I think every man is different when it comes to windows of opportunity, and it can’t be defined by a general age reference. It’s important to hold onto every single day and keep being the best you can, so you are always ready for the opportunities.

Q: Any new plans for the near future?

A: I’ll be shooting a new film with director Herman Yau, and co-starring in a thriller with Julian Cheung and Charlene Choi. Hopefully there will be more projects for everyone to see.

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