The Shy Guy Corner: 6 Tips on Getting a Date

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Not all men are equipped with conversational skills and confidence. For the suffer-in-silence shy guy, taking one step out of his comfort zone to ask a girl out on a date is incredibly challenging. Fear not! Keep these 6 tips in mind the next time you want to get out of the friend-zone!

1 Be Confident—Even When You’re Not

Confidence comes naturally to some, and others have a hard time crossing paths with it. If you don’t have the confidence, then fake it, because you’re going to need it when you make a conversation. Dutch courage is a good way to start — take a vodka shot or two and then make your move!

how to know new friend be confidence - The Shy Guy Corner: 6 Tips on Getting a Date

2 Don’t be Afraid of Rejection

What if it doesn’t work out? What if she says no? What if I humiliate myself? Don’t get affected by these negative thoughts, because they only hold you back from progress. It doesn’t matter if she rejects your offer to go on a date, because with failure comes experience, and you should learn as you go.

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3 Humor is Sexy

If you have a great sense of humor, then you should probably wear your charm on your sleeve. Girls love guys who make them laugh. Sometimes a couple of self-deprecating jokes go a long way, and like reverse psychology, it makes you seem confident, because if you’re willing to joke about yourself it means you are self-assured.

how to know new friend be funny - The Shy Guy Corner: 6 Tips on Getting a Date

4 Be an Effective Listener

Ask a few questions and listen carefully to her answers. There’s a back story to the necklace she’s using or the perfume she’s wearing. Don’t try to humor her, because it would only ruin the moment. Keep the conversation going by sharing a few stories of your own, or talk about topics you have in common.

5 Be Thoughtful and Sincere

Girls are attracted to gentlemen; chivalry is practically dead, and if you are the one guy who pulls out a chair for her or walks her to her front door, you’ve scored. Don’t be stingy on the compliments! Tell her if you think the dress is flattering or if the lipstick is just the perfect shade for her.

6 Don’t Hesitate to Ask

If you’re lucky and everything goes well during the small talks, or if you get to drive her home, then be sure to tell her that you’ve enjoyed the evening and casually ask her out on another date.

how to know new friend guy - The Shy Guy Corner: 6 Tips on Getting a Date

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