Desmond Tey: Success Deriving from Confidence

kingssleeve interview wiht Desmond tey - Desmond Tey: Success Deriving from Confidence

We can observe that it is those who have greater ambition who tend to be more successful, and Desmond Tey is one who is highly ambitious. Success is not only a status, but rather a journey and what consists of a person that defines success. That is why Desmond does not compare himself to others and does not blindly chase after materialistic things but rather he fights his own battles with a whole lot of confidence, one at a time.


DESMOND TEY | TV Host; Executive Producer

A former mass communications student, Desmond started work in the broadcasting industry behind the scenes. He later became a news reporter before becoming a newscaster. Later on, he became a TV program producer and host. With many trials and much experience, he became a very popular host in the country who also looks into new directions and prospects for new challenges and ventures. Apart from being a popular TV host, he is also a Friend of ORIS which makes him put a lot of emphasis on time and also the craftsmanship of watchmaking. To him, a watch is more than an accessory or a tool to tell time, it symbolises precision and also the value of time itself.

kingssleeve interview desmond tey malaysia host wine - Desmond Tey: Success Deriving from Confidence

Q: How was your journey in becoming what you are today?
A: When I first started working, I never thought that I would become a newscaster or host. In the early part of my career, I got to know personalities from the BM and English news sections and also people who were producers. Understanding what the market wants and needs, I have always been keen to create content that are informative to our audience so that it is not only entertaining, but also good knowledge.

Q: In this competitive business, how did you stand out among the others?
A: To be a good host, we must be unique and be able to set long term goals and work hard towards achieving them. It is because when we are able to identify our uniqueness that we are able to focus to develop and work towards success.

Q: What are some habits and characteristics of a successful person?
A: Most importantly, it is to be confident. Because confidence is needed for us to plan our future and to execute it wholeheartedly with a direction and not to aimlessly strive without knowing the real goals in life.

kingssleeve interview desmond tey malaysia host oris - Desmond Tey: Success Deriving from Confidence

Q: How do you define a successful TV program host?
A: A successful host must not only be well received by the audience, he/she must also have a great sense of social responsibility especially when disseminating information. The information or words that we use have an impact to many people and therefore we must always be well informed in order to be accurate and very importantly, we must always be impartial.

Q: What is your life motto?
A: My motto is to be responsible for the things we say and do. There are always repercussion for everything and we must be accountable for what we say or do.

Q: How do you keep yourself active and always improving?
A: I believe that exercising is the best way to keep active, it keeps me alert and healthy always. In exercising, we are able to set targets and see improvements and achievements as we keep committed to it. Working out is a good way to release stress and it makes me feel energetic.

kingssleeve interview desmond tey malaysia host - Desmond Tey: Success Deriving from Confidence

Q: What is something that you cannot live without?
A: I cannot live without my watch. For TV hosts, time is very critical and we need to be ahead of time in many aspects. My watch tells me the time to keep me punctual for all my appointments.

Q: We understand that you are very fond of watches, what are your requirements in a watch?
A: Many people put emphasis on the design of the watch but for me, I pay attention to details and craftsmanship is important to me. I am interested in watch models that come with a story, some watches are dearer to me when they are anniversary editions or commemorative editions. An example would be the ORIS watches that are designed to commemorate a person or an event making it more special and I find it very meaningful.

Interview & Text: William Lim
Styling: Anderson Chong
Wardrobe: Massimo Dutti | Oris Watch
Makeup: Zoeys Chen
Hairstyle: VV Chan @ Shiseido Professional
Photographer: Tian Xing @ Shooting Star
Creative Director: Chris Wong
Video Editor: JiaMin Chuah

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