Jack Tan: Finding Success with Adaptation

kingssleeve interview wiht Jack tan - Jack Tan: Finding Success with Adaptation

“We must always be ready at all times so that when opportunities arise, it will be within reach.” This is the philosophy for success of Jack Tan. No matter how difficult the challenges were in entering his industry, Jack had always kept a positive attitude and was willing to take on the challenges one at a time. Also a race car driver as his hobby, Jack is always focused on the track ahead and constantly finding ways to improve and adapt in order to succeed.

Jack Tan | Actor; Singer

Thomas Jack is a Malaysian pop band consisting of the duo Thomas Kok and Jack Tan. Formed in 2009 and continuously gaining popularity, Thomas Jack had withstood the test of time as the longest lasting boyband in the local scene and has a huge following in Malaysia. The journey had not been easy and they have faced all kinds of obstacles in the past decade, but they soldiered on to overcome their difficulties with great determination and much of it was driven by passion and the support of their fans.

kingssleeve interview Jack Tan malaysia actor suit - Jack Tan: Finding Success with Adaptation

Q: Being in the entertainment industry for many years, what were some of the major challenges you faced?

A: This year happens to be Thomas Jack’s 10th anniversary which makes us the longest lasting boyband in the country. The challenges that we have faced throughout this time include contractual disputes, being side-lined from performing, going to Taiwan to develop and later returning to Malaysia. All these experiences are part and parcel of our road to success.

Q: What do you think it takes to be considered true partners in this industry that you’re in?

A: “Aces go Places” a song and movie by Hong Kong entertainer Sam Hui will best describe it. Thomas is my partner in my career, my colleagues are also no lesser partners to me as they are very committed.

kingssleeve interview Jack Tan malaysia actor - Jack Tan: Finding Success with Adaptation

Q: What are some habits and characteristics of a successful person?

A: A successful person must not only be able to design what he/she wants ahead, but also be able to know the little things that make it work. To be detail oriented is very important. I wish to always be able to balance may career and my family no matter what.

Q: We understand that you have a passion for car racing and you have also won a number of championship trophies. What special meaning does racing have for you?

A: Car racing is a very exciting sport for me which pumps the adrenaline in my body. From being unfamiliar with the sport, to getting to learn about it and practising, to competing, and all the way to winning, this is a statement to myself that some things are not inborn in us, but rather it takes a lot of practice and determination. We must be daring to take on the first step and push ourselves to be better. I hope my humble story will help to inspire people.

Q: How do you deal with failure and difficulties?

A: When I am faced with failure, I tend to seclude myself to be alone for a day or two. We are all humans and we cannot expect everything to be perfect and we all need a little time to accept whatever we are facing. When I am keeping to myself, I usually do physical workout, make repairs for my race car, or go hiking. Between the sweat of all these activities, I am reminded that we need to work hard to achieve what we desire, nothing comes easy in life.

kingssleeve interview Jack Tan malaysia actor Oris watch - Jack Tan: Finding Success with Adaptation

Q: What are the most important things in your life?

A: Family. My family is indispensable to me.

Q: Are you satisfied with your life at the moment, and what do you have in mind for the future?

A: I am quite contented with my life currently although we’ll never know what the future holds. Many people see only the bright side in the entertainment industry but there are also a lot of things that ere unseen, that is why I train myself to be always ready so that I can grab the opportunities that arise when they do. I hope to expand my career internationally in the future.

Interview & Text: William Lim
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