Men’s Skincare Guide: Rescuing the Aging Skin!

When traces of age left on a man’s face, it will depict him as the experienced and matured individual with profound appeal and personality. Moreover, it felt even more masculine if there are a little fine lines. However, it doesn’t sounds well if it comes with the aging skin.

Decoration trends: Stone Motifs Take Pride of Place

Like wood, stone can be marked by highly decorative motifs and textures. Not surprisingly then, designers and design houses are producing more and more stone pieces, or pieces featuring materials that have a stone-like aspect.

Who Says Mens that Put On Lip Balm Are Not Man?

If men put on lip balm, people around will throw the weird looking gaze, I wonder if you feel the same. Lip care is not just a woman’s right, men’s lips will be dehydrated and dry; lip nourishing is as natural as hair care and skin care, everyone must be undergo the treatment!

Lab Series PRO LS All-In-One Skincare Collection

No longer in an era where the importance of beauty is gender-specific, men, too, are having their looks judged against their capabilities.

It’s All about U: HTC U Smartphone

HTC launches the U series – featuring the U-Ultra and the U-Play, to revolutionize the traditional role of smartphones and enhance user experience, making the smartphone ‘smarter’ and adhere to practical needs. It’s definitely all about U this time!

LG PJ9 Floating Speaker Impressed Everyone’s Hearing and Vision

The annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event was held last week in Las Vegas. In the event, LG Electronics demonstrated varieties of interesting products which are advancing the technology of the era and marching forward in the electronic industry.

Cire Trudon Having the French Royal Fragrance Christmas

Wish to flourish French romantic, let’s welcome Christmas in the kind of distinguished royal family atmosphere, try to ignite the Cire Trudon luxury fragrance candle in this festive season.

Exciting Christmas Gifts from Marks&Spencer

Not sure what to buy as Christmas gifts? Pay a visit to Marks & Spencer and you will be filled with all the ideas! This time, the brand has launched a range of quality food and beauty products for both men and women as Christmas gifts premium selection. One can be surprised just by the sophisticated packaging…

Acer New Electronic Product Design, Closer To The Sci-Fi Virtual World!

Acer released a series of laptop and desktop products in Malaysia, to bring users new features and exquisite design of advanced technology.

Hennessy X.O & Ice Frozen Feel Sublimates the Essence of Cognac

What is special about cognac and ice? Hennessy special recommended “Hennessy X.O and Ice” tasting method, let the ice as a catalyst, so that the essence of alcohol can be doubled after the cold release and long-lasting distribution of fragrance aroma, experience more refreshing enjoyment!

Loewe’s New 001 Fragrance

Loewe’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, is always thinking about new surprises for the fans of the brand. It is no surprise then, that he had, once again, come up with a perfume that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Have a Merry, Fragrant Christmas from Lacoste

Lacoste celebrates this Christmas with the new Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Fragrance Collection for men and women, consisting Blanc, Bleu, Rouge, Noir and Jaune, spreading the fragrance of the holiday cheer to you.

Coffee Master Masahiro Kanno Shares the Aesthetic of the Coffee 3.0

With the continuation of the coffee hype, especially when the third wave of coffee hits, coffee is not just a simple cup of beverage anymore. The secret and exquisite brewing skills behind it combine to become an essence of knowledge and a demonstration for art. What is the meaning behind the third wave of coffee?…

Kiehl’s Age Defender for Men

Take a look at the 4 points below and be aware as to why men should be more afraid of aging than women!

Club Med Samoëns Grand Massif Ski Destination

The Alps at the south-eastern of France has a total number of 128 peaks of more than 4000 meters above sea level. Located at the foothill 2000 meters above sea level, Club Med Samoëns Grand Massif Mountain Resort is on the vast plateau of Saix. Ski lovers are going to enjoy an exciting and joyful…

L’Envol de Cartier – A Fragrance Full with Life and Passion that Kills

Having a good-looking appearance is already enough for gents to gain extra points. However, men who know how to express their own distinctive taste can gain even more attentions. If you are interested to upgrade yourself to become a sensational man with quality taste, try looking for the unique fragrance that belongs to you. This…

May Roses’ Fragrance Joined the Limited Diptyque La Collection 34

Founded in 1961, the French perfumer Diptyque is always notable with its skillful creation for captivating fragrances. Having a unique sophistication and artsy taste, this Parisian perfumer selects a type of harvest each year and dedicates it into fragrance. In 2016, the experience perfumer of Diptyque, Fabrice Pellegrin has chosen May Roses in Grasse to become a…

Sony Signature Series Presents the Perfect Musical Feast

People who love listen to the music certainly has some stringent requirements for the player, if you want to feel the perfect and accurate tone of the track, you may consider Sony brand new Signature Series audio products to meet the rigorous requirements for the music, bring the most perfect , the most enjoyable music…