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How to Promote Change in Company? To Comply with 6 Principles

Change has never been easy, let alone promoting company internal reforms, which will be a long and arduous process. Fortunately, there are experts who have made the changes smoother based on these six principles.

Interview with Diageo Master Blender Chris Clark

Diageo Master Blender Chris Clark expressed his feeling :”You could say that whisky has made me what I am today.“

Art in the Parks: UNIQLO Park Expressions Grant

The New York City parks department has teamed with retailer Uniqlo on a grant program—— “Art in the Parks: UNIQLO Park Expressions Grant” that will see 10 parks host works by emerging New York-based artists beginning in June.

Lagavulin Splendor Wine Lingering Two Centuries!

The famous wine and drink brand Lagavulin single malt whiskey, founded in 1816, entering into the 201 years in 2017 to celebrate the brilliant achievements, the number of years of experience, ups and downs, persistence, breakthrough and legacy, witness the historic milestone!

The Shy Guy Corner: 6 Tips on Getting a Date

Not all men are equipped with conversational skills and confidence. For the suffer-in-silence shy guy, taking one step out of his comfort zone to ask a girl out on a date is incredibly challenging. Fear not! Keep these 6 tips in mind the next time you want to get out of the friend-zone!

Appreciate Art in Loewe’s Madrid Casa Flagship

Creative Director of Loewe, Jonathan Anderson is always fresh with creative ideas: the new brand flagship store in Madrid is being infused with lots of enchanting and interesting artistic colors to create a strong sense of art. At the same time, it emphasizes on the expression of the aesthetic in everyday’s life as well as art showcasing.

Hennessy X.O & Ice Frozen Feel Sublimates the Essence of Cognac

What is special about cognac and ice? Hennessy special recommended “Hennessy X.O and Ice” tasting method, let the ice as a catalyst, so that the essence of alcohol can be doubled after the cold release and long-lasting distribution of fragrance aroma, experience more refreshing enjoyment!

Fashion and Art Crossover: Loewe’s Latest Art Exhibition

From 30th November 2016 until 31st March 2017, Spanish fashion brand Loewe presents the second art exhibition at Loewe’s flagship store in Miami Design District, showcasing masterpieces from Irish artist William McKeown and a unique array of pottery from English potter extraordinaire John Ward.

L’Envol de Cartier – A Fragrance Full with Life and Passion that Kills

Having a good-looking appearance is already enough for gents to gain extra points. However, men who know how to express their own distinctive taste can gain even more attentions. If you are interested to upgrade yourself to become a sensational man with quality taste, try looking for the unique fragrance that belongs to you. This can do magic for you in improving your image and charm. In spite of that, remember not to choose perfumes which are too strong or too disturbing, provided that perfumes with mentioned features will not add more charms to you, but might even do the opposite from what you wish for.

Hennessy X.O Cuisine Feast Of the Taste Buds

Famous cognac brand Hennessy has launched its annual “Appreciation Grows” culinary affair, collaboration with Enfin by James Won, to launch Hennessy XO Odyssey 2016, a new limited edition menu featuring Hennessy cognacs, to provide an enhanced immersive experience to invoke a phenomenal awakening of the senses!

May Roses’ Fragrance Joined the Limited Diptyque La Collection 34

Founded in 1961, the French perfumer Diptyque is always notable with its skillful creation for captivating fragrances. Having a unique sophistication and artsy taste, this Parisian perfumer selects a type of harvest each year and dedicates it into fragrance. In 2016, the experience perfumer of Diptyque, Fabrice Pellegrin has chosen May Roses in Grasse to become a member of the new limited edition items in La Collection 34.

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