Weiron Tan: A Drive to Success

Speed is just a number for Weiron Tan. He looks at speed fearlessly while enjoying the excitement, which is what made him stand out among the others and making him a successful race car driver.

Anderson Chong: Having More Than Just Good Taste For Fashion

A professional fashion stylist for almost 20 years, Anderson Chong not only has extraordinary fashion sense, but also has the traits of a true gentleman.

Daniel Tan: The Story Behind His Fame

From this interview with Dr. Daniel Tan, we got to know the back story of his success and understanding that we need to go through all kinds of hardships before we can grow. A successful man has got to continuously strive for betterment.

Johnny Ong: Success Is Not One’s Alone

Teamwork is the basis of success. We need to build a good personal relationship especially among our teammates before success follows. That is why Johnny mentioned that success does not belong to a single person, but rather to all the team players.

Keng Yew Tham: Life Is Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon

Throughout the interview with Keng Yew, we were able to understand the mentality of a true businessman. Having experienced failure and standing up again after learning form past mistakes. This is what shaped him to become successful in this marathon of life.