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Modern Interpretation of Retro Design: RADO Tradition Golden Horse

The Swiss watch brand RADO, known as the “Master of Materials”, debuted Golden Horse collection in 1957, signified a major breakthrough for the brand. This year, RADO pays tribute to its glorious past, and draws inspiration from the Golden Horse original, launching the new Tradition Golden Horse Collection, designed to showcase personalized style through the classic design of the past.

Companion for Every Adventure: Victorinox Alliance Sport

VICTORINOX announced that the new ALLIANCE SPORT Chronograph collection. The combination of accurate and chronograph combined with sporty design, created a decisive, confident and sporty watch for urban men. Just like a Swiss army knife with outstanding features.

RADO Captain Cook: A Traveler’s Timeless Companion

Falling in line with the fashion industry’s latest craving for vintage reinventions, RADO redefines antiquity by unveiling their timeless collection of Captain Cook pieces, Known for its mastery of modern materials, RADO stays true to the Captain Cook 1962 original with the new model, in that the design continues to draw inspiration from a 1970s diver’s style turning bezel and still boasts the distinctive sword and arrow-shaped hands, only this time, the 42mm stainless steel case adds to the timepiece a refreshing, bold touch.

Longines x Rickman Chia: Commemorating Memories of the Past and the Future

What kind of gift did you prepare for your beloved father on this Father’s Day? Rickman Chia and his father interpreted treasured moments in exquisite and elegant style with the Swiss fine watch brand, Longines. Besides that, Rickman’s deliberate pick of the Longines well-crafted watch is definitely the ideal choice for Father’s Day gift.

All-round Durability and Reliability: The Victorinox Maverick Black Edition

Victorinox introduces two cool Maverick Black Edition black watches, which blend top-notch functionality and an elegant, upscale design to offer truly exceptional style. To Baki, it is similar to owning a Swiss army knife with outstanding functionality, which keeps up with current trends and reflecting modern style.

A men’s trip with OMEGA – witness true friendship

As the years hurry by, time flies past. Time can change a person’s voice or smile, but it can’t change true feelings and friendship, especially for the brotherhood between boys. Omega has partnered with Kingssleeve to launch the Omega Seamaster in a unique manner, inviting Malaysian artist Henley Hii, influencer Andre Amir, and Malaysian diver  Ooi Tze Liang to travel together. With the Omega Seamaster Diver, the true friendship between these three men is made precious with their time spent together.

Fashion is my way of self-expression – Kittie Yiyi

Malaysian fashion designer Kittie Yiyi’s design style is known as “bold and funny”. Her bold, unrestricted designs are not only her fashion symbols, but also her expression of life. For her, fashion is an omnipresent art. No matter where, when, or who she is communicating with, it can spark design inspiration in her.

The London kid who loves Malaysia – Mark O’Dea

Mark O’Dea was born in London, England. At the age of 21, he ventured to Malaysia to debut in the Malaysian boyband “The London Boys”. Over time, he has also worked as a YouTuber, TV show host, and even played a part in the Malaysian film “Rise: Ini Kalilah”. Having settled in Malaysia for 4 years, Mark’s love for the land does not lose out to that of any Malaysian’s. To him, we just have this one life, and we must embrace it by embracing the people, things, and events that we love with joy.

Maurice Lacroix The Undeniable Allure of the AIKON

Since day one, Swiss watchmaking brand Maurice Lacroix embrace one’s individuality and uniqueness. This year, the credo is even more through its signature Aikon Autmatic collection.

Oris Carl Brashear, a tribute to an inspirational legend

Carl Brashear was a United States Navy Sailor, but he’s more well-known in history as the first ever African American to become a US Navy Master Diver. To commemorate this incredible legend, Swiss watchmaker brand Oris has created the limited-edition Carl Brashear Chronograph, with only 2,000 pieces of its kind in the world!

The never-ending innovation and passion of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross never fails to amaze. From the creation of the Aero-GT supercar, to the B-Rocket motorcycle and even last year’s Bellytanker racecar, innovation comes naturally in the form of technological breakthroughs, going beyond conventional watchmaking. This year was no different at Baselworld either; the Swiss brand unveiled a brand-new flying machine known as the BR-Bird, complete with an exclusive aviation watch series – Racing Bird! During our visit to Baselworld 2018, Kingssleeve met with Karen Bacos, Bell & Ross International Public Relations Coordinator to find out more about the surprises in store for us. Karen Bacos “The iconic square case is part of Bell & Ross’s identity, and carries the brand’s DNA at its very core. But at the same time, the Vintage series, with its round case, is also important to us. This series is representative of professional fields we’ve worked with, such as flight, racing, military, diving and more, which makes it all the more special,” commented Bacos. In line with this, apart from the Horo lines of square luminous watches, Bell & Ross also introduced the round-cased Racing Bird collection this year, proving the brand’s ability to constantly innovate and go beyond existing perceptions. Bacos also added that in order to spearhead a forward-moving momentum, it is imperative to keep challenging limits, which is what Bell & Ross is all about. Horo Collection Speaking of the Racing Bird collection, attention must of course first be drawn to the BR-Bird, a plane designed by Bell & Ross! The brainchild of Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross’s co-founder, this ultra-modern, single-seat, propeller-engine aircraft built entirely of high-tech material (graphite, fibreglass, titanium and aluminium alloy) also capable of competing in the Reno Air Races, reaching a maximum speed of 909km/h. Powered by a V12 Rolls Royce Merlin-developed engine, RR V12-60NG, the BR-Bird is an outstanding piece of work. Blue, ash-white and orange detailing adorn the chassis, which is designed with short, broad wings and a cockpit that is placed as far back as possible to complement its Y-shaped tail. Together, these highlights are captured and immortalized in the Racing Bird timepiece collection.     BR-Bird   The brand-new Racing Bird series boasts two watch designs, namely the BR V1-92 and the BR V2-94. Based on the round case that is characteristic to Bell & Ross’s Vintage collection, the details on these two timepieces are reminiscent of those featured on the BR-Bird aircraft, such as the plane’s orange indicator lights set against an ash-white fuselage. On the watches, these translate into an orange marker on the date display, while the second hand carries a silhouette of the aircraft – a discreet but playful addition. Equipped with an automatic movement, the BR V1-92 draws attention with its striking blue calfskin strap with orange lining on the inside. Its three-digit date display aptly pays homage to the flight instruments in the plane, where all the crucial flight information is always presented in orange. The 38.5mm satin-polished steel case and anti-reflective sapphire crystal provide added durability. (BRV1-92 Racing Bird: RM10,500,Limited Edition: 999 pieces) The BR V2-94, on the other hand, is an impressive chronograph with an intriguing colour scheme. At 41mm, the blue steel bezel creates a pleasing contrast with the white dial, which has a tri-coloured 30-minute timer at 9 o’clock, as well as a small seconds and date counter at 3 o’clock. Paired with either a steel bracelet or blue calfskin strap, this is one modern timepiece suited for all occasions. (BRV2-94 Racing Bird: RM19,200 (calfskin strap), RM20,700 (bracelet) ,Limited Edition: 999 pieces) Further Reading: Victorinox: Define the Meaning of Travel

Victorinox: Define the Meaning of Travel

Time – allowing memory to have a specific connotation, while encapsulating an everlasting moment for each of your travel journeys. A timepiece silently acts like a messenger, recording those priceless, fleeting moments and passing it on to be etched into history forever.

Oris: Preserving Tradition without Compromising on Innovation

Swiss luxury wristwatch brand Oris recently unveiled a new logo, adding the words ‘Hölstein 1904’ beneath the brand name, paying homage to its birth place and year. With more than a century of tradition and expertise, the brand is ready to move forward among its competitors with its new tagline, “Go Your Own Way”.

Longines: The Attitude of Elegance and Performance

Style is dynamic, but there’s no denying the timeless appeal of classic fashion. Even until today, Swiss watchmaking company Longines stays true to its identity, providing wearers with timepieces built on tradition, elegance and performance. This year’s Baselworld is no different as the iconic brand puts forward an impressive selection of watches.

[Omega Baselworld] Making a memorable movement in the world of watches

It might be a little early into 2018, but we’re calling this Omega’s finest year. The Swiss luxury watchmaker takes things up a notch with its Master Chronometer, its technically-innovative mechanical watch. Boasting an array of performance-based features, each painstakingly designed to superior accuracy, this is currently one of the strongest contenders in the diver’s watch market.

[Corum Baselworld] A play on aesthetics and artful creativity

Entering the Corum showroom at Baselworld is like stepping into an art gallery – truly befitting a brand whose signature feature lies in its hollow dial and artistic interpretation of the conventional timepiece.

Create moments of eternal love with Longines

Valentine’s Day is the best time to spoil your loved ones. Together with Kingssleeve, Longines invites stylish couple January So and Aaron Chin to immortalize their sweetest, most significant memories with matching La Grande Classique de Longines timepieces.

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